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According to a survey, about 30% of women are facing an issue where their sexual desires are gone for a toss. Many factors can lower down the degree of sexual drive in any female such as hormonal imbalance, work, pressure, age and even your diet plays an important role. The lower sexual drive can hamper your relationship with your partner as well. Once you find out what the problem is you wish to get back to your normal life and you shall find a list of products at the market but we recommend you Provestra.
Provestra is the answer to your worries as this pill helps with sexual enhancement and has been giving great results. Sexual desires can also be affected by the thickening of the vaginal wall and dryness of the vaginal area. Majority of females who are suffering from this avoid having any physical intimacy with their partners as the lack of lubrication and dryness of the vaginal area causes bleeding and is extremely painful while having any sexual activities. Provestra comes in handy because it helps and cures your vaginal area drying and generates lubricants as well.
If you wish to get back to your normal sex life hormonal balance is a must and so to attain there are many ways to do so. Hormone replacement therapy is one of the most popular methods to achieve a balanced hormonal balance. In this, the therapist alleviates your problems by an artificial means and then tries to balance your hormone levels to normal in your body.
There are certain side effects of these artificially conducted therapies. A few of the side effects are as follows:
To lower the side effect, Leading Edge has been manufacturing 100% herbal and authentic product Provestra which is the ultimate solution for any female facing such issues. The female’s postmenopause have claimed that the results were breathtaking and they were highly satisfied by the product.
To top up the product it has no side effects on any individual. You will have to be patient as the results shall not be instant as it is herbal and it will process naturally but slowly you will notice the changes and your zeal for physical intimacy will be back to normal.

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This pill Provestra is a herbal supplement that is made and sold to overture women cessation from not only vaginal drying but also from the lubrication factor and up their sexual desire willingness for delightful sex. These pills are libido enhancers that help a female to justify their age connected hormonal chaos. 
From a survey conducted there were about millions of women who have claimed that after taking Provestra their physical intimacy had been better than ever.
A well-known company in the market that excels in the area of health supplement named, Leading Edge Health Inc. introduced this stellar product in the market. The main head office is in Limassol, Cyprus whilst their marketing centres are in Canada and The US. Their headquarter is located in Elizabethton, Tennessee USA. 
Provestra is amongst many products that the company has been supplying in the market which mark the needs of male and female both. The company Leading Edge has 100% herbal products and their composition and ingredients are such that they fulfil every task as they have to be.
The company is not only a manufacturer of sexual health products but also a great and renowned manufacturer of anti-ageing and skincare products of all kinds.
A very common question asked is ‘Why was Provestra Created?
The basic idea to formulate provestra was only that it comes as a solution for women to post their menopause can have a desirable fun sex life.
For more than decade females have been told many myths about physical intimacy. Females surrender the inevitable menstruation cycle and that it was something not worth discussing. Females down the line accept that after a certain point in their life they can not have sex as great as they had when they were not that age and even if they wanted to they thought they cannot do that. After when many studies were published down on the internet women read and got an idea of how hormones work and how libido is affected and that the sexual desire of a man or a woman does not depend on age.
There are new products launched in the market every now then and that is because nowadays everyone is focusing on increasing wellness and helping research with the expansion of not just lifespan but also up the quality of life they have.
There are also steroids available at the market which have fast results but they hamper not your body but also have serious side effects on an individual. They overpower the positive it does and you have to tackle more health problems later. Everything is now inclined towards restoring the hormonal level to joyous days.
On the other hand, herbal products have no side effects and are 100% genuine which is why Leading-edge provides 100% herbal products. In the sector of healthcare and wellness, Leading Edge Health Inc. is a leading name and its products are made only focusing on the best for women so that they can make their sexual life much better and enjoyable with their respective partners. 
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When we search for any product everything has its pros and cons, the same is with Provestra. Below is a list of pros and cons of Provestra for you to know before you buy the product:
Provestra is a 100% herbal product so it is good for almost every individual except the following:
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The company Leading Edge Health Inc. is known for its use of herbal and naturally occurring ingredients that are handpicked for all their products and so is for Provestra. Provestra is a combination of great ancient herbal knowledge with a blend of modern science for improved sexual desire and performance of a female. Name a few ingredients used to make Provestra are as follows:
It is a type of amino acid whose presence helps in synthesizing more nitric oxide which is followed by dilation of blood vessels as well as an increased blood supply. The area around the vagina becomes much more active and healthy, also stronger as the blood flow increases around the pelvic area and it functions better.
Theobromine is listed as ancient wisdom that is harvested and is an important component of Provestra. It is profoundly known as an aphrodisiac and a mind relaxer. This ingredient increases sexual desire and supports female health as it acts like a relaxant that dilates blood vessels which in turn boosts blood flow to other organs in the body.
Important factors that drive libido and sexual desire require balanced hormones to function. Indole acts as a big agent as these ingredients stabilize the estrogen level in females. It is also a compound that is found in vegetables like cabbage and cauliflower which helps your liver to metabolize estrogen. This process of metabolizing helps the body to create an excess of estrogen naturally which in return increases the sex drive in females.
Ginseng is a Chinese origin component and is believed by the Chinese that its effects are great in increasing the sexual drive in a female. Ginseng is also very helpful whilst you are facing menopause. It is known for its immunity-boosting as well as being a powerful aphrodisiac trait. 
This herb majorly increases the blood flow to the genital area which increases the sensation around the vaginal area that gives you much satisfactory sex. It also increases sexual functioning by boosting the blood flow and increased orgasm with better sexual satisfaction. 
Damiana leaf is also an aphrodisiac that helps in vaginal dryness and helps attain better muscle contraction around the vaginal area. It gets an environment where it balances the hormones which gets you a better sexual experience. It lessens the dryness in the vaginal area and increases the orgasm frequency.
As far as Provestra is concerned this herb is a wonderful ingredient that is a herb found in native North America. It majorly deals with hot flashes, relief from vaginal dryness, and cramping issues faced by women post-menopause. This herb also helps with infertility, heavy menstruation flow, cramps, and inflammation of the ovaries and uterus.
Red raspberry helps in estrogen balancing naturally. It can also help in PMS symptoms and hot flashes. It helps in rejuvenating the reproductive system and helps it function best. It lessens the uterine muscles which reduce menstrual cramps and also reduce hot flushes during the menopause period.
There are many more ingredients that are there in the pill which will help you get that sexual drive back. 
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Provestra is a female enhancer of libido which is mixed herbal concoctions with a good number of natural and original ingredients that to a good extent help you achieve the woman’s response cycle of sexual activities. The ingredients in this product affect differently, a few affect the circulatory system and increase the flow of blood to the genitals, and few others boost up the balance as well as the production of hormones which concern the sexual health of a female.
To generate much more sense of happiness and benefit the female reproductive system which generates somnolence some ingredients are hand-picked and tested. Thus, Provestra has been found as the best libido enhancer for women. When you will regularly take Provestra the supplement will increase your sexual stimulation time and also boost your sexual thrive, boost sexual orientation, deepen the sexual sensations and climax, and most importantly balance out the hormonal system to the correct reproductive functioning. Provestra gives and shows the result as a female enhancement pill by increasing sexual sensation in only 30 days of regular intake. 
The company Leading Edge Health Inc. had created this pill named Provestra which is a solution for all women who face problems in regards to their sexual life and issues post-menopause. It is a top and one of its kind combination of nature, science, and biology.
Provestra would help the client to achieve the desired enjoyable sex and better enthusiasm for physical activity. Here is a list of what Provestra does to you:
A female-only needs one pill to bring back her sexual desires and intimate moments. After taking this pill it will not only better you but also will benefit your partner where you would have this all-new vigour in physical intimacy.
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The company always recommends that the buyer should buy the product from the website as that will remove the chance of duplicacy and you will get the authentic product. There are different packages of Provestra available on the website. If you are not satisfied with the product you can return the product within 60 days and your money will be refunded. Refunds are only valid within 67 days of purchase except for the shipping and handling charges.

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Women lose interest in sex after a certain age or when they hit menopause because of wither work pressure or ill diet which can all hamper the desires. If you think you feel overwhelmed and exhausted by even thinking of sex then you should take Provestra. Provestra will not only help you with the sex drive with also better your mood, irritability, and easy fatigue along with other benefits. To get back your hormonal balance Provestra is highly recommended because of its naturally occurring ingredients. The dissatisfaction and low libido in the body also getaway when you take this product. You shall see visible changes and upliftment in your desires once you start taking Provestra.
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