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Mysteries of Life

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Mysteries of Life

Mysteries of Life by Evangelist Victoria Onwordi

Mystery simply means something that has no clear definition or explanation. We have heard so much about Ghosts living normal lives, far away from where they are known. They even get married and bear children according to sources.

I have since remained puzzled, trying to understand the case of someone known to me. Mrs.M from Delta State got married to a man from Anambra State. She never met with any relative of the man before and after their marriage. The people that came with Mr. M to perform Mrs. M’s marriage rites were all strangers and after the ceremony, the couple returned to their base.

Meanwhile, Mr. M was working in a shoe manufacturing company. This couple brought forth five children, three boys and two girls. These children grew to become men and women without knowing their father’s home town. A time came and Mrs. M became eager to know her husband’s place. When the man could no longer bear the pressure coming from his wife, she became mysteriously insane and that put a stop to the anxiety and pressure.

Mr. M eventually became sick. The children begged him to tell them their home town, so that they would be able to return his remains, in case he was not able to pull through the sickness but he bluntly refused. No relative or town’s man visited the family throughout their stay together. When Mr. M died, the first son buried him on a piece of land he bought and built.


Several years later, Mrs. M died. The children were confused but when they contacted their mother’s family,they were asked to bring back their daughter’s remains to them. They did as they were instructed and their mother was laid to rest there. The females in the family were already married into homes, families and towns but what happens to the male children? However, their mother’s family has adopted them. They have promised to give them land anytime they are ready to build.

What still baffles me is this question — Can one die two times? The Bible says that death appointment is once and judgement follows after (Hebrews 9:27). This is one of the results of desperation. Couples are expected to know each other’s family members to a reasonable extent at least, before marriage.

Marriage is a life long relationship, so the need to know who you are spending your life time with, should not be overemphasized.

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