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Cianix Reviews 2021: Does Cianix Really Work? – SF Weekly

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In recent times, we have come across many Cianix reviews on the internet, that call it the holy grail of men’s sexual health.
But when we dug a little deeper into this, we discovered a few glaring problems with those claims. That’s why we decided to add our two cents to this.
Male Enhancement is a complex physiological process with a wide range of variables involved. Right from gonadal hormones, to neurotransmitters, to hormone receptors, to blood flow, there are so many different aspects that have to function in synergy to produce sexual desire, a hard erection, and then sustain it enough to facilitate intercourse.
Cianix claims to contain natural ingredients that will help all these variables come together and function in synergy. In theory, that sounds exactly like the male enhancement supplement you need. But when you look closely at that ingredient list, you will realize that there’s not enough science to validate those claims.
Having reviewed male enhancement supplements for years, we have a fair idea of the amount of hype and marketing in this industry. Today, we will review Cianix for you and help you understand why it doesn’t seem like the ideal choice of supplement to treat erectile dysfunction, sex drive, or other aspects of sexual performance.
Cianix is a male enhancement supplement that claims to be a one-shot solution for all things related to men’s sexual health. It claims to help boost testosterone levels, and thereby amplify libido, sex drive, energy, stamina, and quality of ejaculate.
The supplement is manufactured by Aristocratic Health LLC, a reasonably well-known brand in this space. But it’s not a brand that we’d recommend in the drop of a hat, like say, Wolfson Berg, who has a much better track record and product catalog.
Also, Wolfson Berg and most other leading brands will offer a free trial of their supplements from time to time. But the trial offer lasts for 60-days, which is a fair bit of time to try the supplement risk free . You don’t get that option with Aristocratic Health LLC’s supplements, especially Cianix. They have a free trial that lasts just 14-days, which is unreasonable.
Let’s look at Cianix from a scientific perspective to see if any of the ingredients have enough evidence to back it up with, especially with regards to the claim that they make.
Cianix contains Wild Yam. This herb is a very beneficial one without a doubt. But its primary USP is stimulating the release of estrogen, particularly in women who are at perimenopause.
But we are looking at a male enhancement supplement, not one for middle aged women. The idea behind adding Wild Yam to Cianix is based on its ‘Diosgenin’ content, which is often exaggerated by the health supplement industry to be a natural alternative to DHEA, a precursor to testosterone.
However, ‘diosgenin’ from Wild Yam does not convert to DHEA in the body. Period. That reaction can only be achieved in a lab.
Saw Palmetto is America’s most popular herbal remedy to treat BPH. Supplement manufacturers like Cianix want you to believe that it can help increase testosterone levels in your body, which is the key to increased sex drive, muscle mass, and overall health benefits for men.
But, there’s no research that links Saw Palmetto as a standalone therapy for any of these conditions. Anecdotal instances suggest that it can relieve the symptoms of BPH, by improving urine flow. But that’s about it. The only study that shows that Saw Palmetto can increase free testosterone, was conducted using ‘Enriched Saw Palmetto Oil’. Not regular Saw Palmetto extracts, which Cianix contains.
This is our favorite ingredient in Cianix. Boron definitely has enough research linking it to Testosterone production. When used in the right concentration and with other ingredients, it can boost testosterone levels which should increase your muscle mass, sex drive, energy, and stamina.
The keyword here is ‘other ingredients’. Boron alone can do little for any of these benefits.
Cianix contains Nettle Extract. Stinging Nettle or Nettle extract is another powerful herbal extract with enough antioxidant activity and anti-inflammatory benefits to consider using it for general wellness.
But, we are talking about ingredients linked to men’s sexual health here. In a male enhancement setting such as Cianix, all that we have are anecdotal instances. Examine analyzed 43 studies on Stinging Nettle that show that it has no connection to Testosterone or sexual performance.
Cianix contains Sarsaparilla, a herb that grows in parts of USA and Mexico. It was quite popular as an indigenous, folk recipe. This has created a health halo of sorts that supplement manufacturers want to capitalize on. Hence, Sarsaparilla is frequently added to bodybuilding supplements and male enhancement pills, such as Cianix.
But there’s not a single study that shows that this can have any positive influence on sexual performance.
Horny Goat Weed is possibly the only ingredient in Cianix, that has limited studies connecting it to sexual performance. Although the studies are in-vivo and involve a highly purified extract of Horny Goat Weed called, Iicarin, at least there’s some reason to add it to Cianix.
As you can see, there’s no research that supports the ingredients in Cianix. That’s where our problem with glossy reviews begins.
Why would you want to invest in male enhancement pills that only have fancy reviews to support their effectiveness and no science?
If Cianix had at least 3-4 ingredients that were linked to better sex drive, sexual performance, or improved blood flow, we would have given it a fair chance. But there’s nothing that shows that this is a sexual performance booster.
Many of the purported benefits, such as libido enhancement, erectile quality, stamina, and energy, are all anecdotal.
Here are some of the common questions that you may have about Cianix, before we get to our Cianix review.
Q. Does Cianix Provide a Free Trial or Refund Policy?
A. They do offer a 14-day Free Trial. 14-Days folks! That’s a rip-off. As expected, there are complaints galore of the product taking forever to deliver (which eats into your free trial time), and of automated rebills. If you want to know more, check this.
Q. How Should You Take Cianix?
A. If we were you, we wouldn’t take it in the first place. There’s no reason to unless you are looking at an overpriced general health supplement.
Q. Is Cianix Safe? – Warnings & Complaints
A. There are a few ingredients in Cianix, that are notorious for causing allergies. But otherwise, it seems to be reasonably safe. The real question should be, whether it is effective? It is clearly not.
Cianix Reviews Overall- Not Recommended
Here’s our Cianix Review. We have reviewed make enhancement pills all our lives and supplements like Cianix are exactly what gives this industry a bad name. It has tons of fancy ingredients on the label, with no scientific reasoning.
It entices people with a Free offer. But there are tons of complaints of fraudulent rebills. Overall, we don’t recommend Cianix one bit. There are much better choices out there.
There are two male enhancement pills that we consider to be an excellent substitute for Cianix. Not only do these male enhancement supplements have better ingredients, but they also have a better track record.
Men all around the world have been able to treat erectile dysfunction, increase their energy, stamina, erection quality, libido, and volume of ejaculate.
These male enhancement pills also contain ingredients that work like vasodilators, reducing blood pressure and increasing the flow of blood to the penis. That’s exactly what Viagra & Male Extra do to treat erectile dysfunction. We all know how effective that is, right?
Let’s take a look at these two male enhancement supplements and then run a quick comparison with Cianix.
The top male enhancement supplement that we recommend is Performer 8. The 8 in the name stands for an 8x improvement in sexual health.
Performer 8 is one of the top male enhancement products in the industry currently, with tons of real reviews from customers who have used it successfully to treat problems associated with erectile dysfunction.
It contains 9 ingredients with sufficient scientific evidence and research that show their effectiveness in improving erectile dysfunction.
Performer 8 has been designed as an overall sexual performance booster. It increases your testosterone, amplifies the production of neurotransmitters that can improve mood, reduce anxiety, help maintain calmness during sexual arousal, and most importantly, create a massive rush of blood into the penis.
The result is rock hard erection, with highly pleasurable orgasms. Here are some of the primary benefits of using Performer 8.
ED is defined as the inability to acquire an erection when you are sexually aroused. Or in some people, the inability to maintain the erection for a sufficient duration of time facilitates intercourse.
Performer 8 can produce such a strong rush of blood into the cavernous chambers of the penis, that it will produce the hardest erection with bulging veins. Also, unlike synthetic PDE5 inhibitor pills, which only work short term (24-48 hours for one pill), you can use Performer 8 for the long term.
Think of this as a more permanent, long term solution to sexual problems.
Performer 8 also contains ingredients that have a positive influence on sexual, steroidal hormones. These hormones play a vital role in increasing sexual arousal, or libido.
When you feel the urge to have sex and you have the quality of erections, it makes this natural formula completely worth it.
The third and final benefit of using Performer 8, that we would like to highlight is the quality of orgasms. There are many male enhancement pills that claim to treat erectile dysfunction.
But this is probably, the only natural pill with the evidence to boost the quality of orgasms. This can be attributed to the strong blood rush to the penis. But it’s also because of the increased sperm volume.
The loads are massive and men feel the orgasm for much longer.
Performer 8 contains a blend of natural ingredients, all of which have enough evidence and research to back them up. There’s no room for ‘Folk Remedies’ in this supplement.
If it’s not science-backed, it doesn’t deserve a place in the formula. Period.
It’s an apples and oranges comparison really. But here’s a summary for your information.
Highly recommended if you have Erectile Dysfunction and other closely related sexual performance problems.
Most users are unaware of how closely related sexual performance, erection, and semen quality are. Semenoll is a quality male enhancement pill, that fixes both these problems with some evidence-backed ingredients.
While the name implies that it is focused on improving Semen and sperm related problems, it is a well-rounded supplement that is beneficial for all sexual problems in men.
The Semenoll formula has three primary benefits, with many smaller secondary ones that are closely linked to these three.
The ingredients in Semenoll will stimulate your testes to produce new sperm. If you have reduced sperm production, a condition called ‘oligospermia’, it can affect your fertility, greatly reducing your chances of fathering a child.
But the same ingredients are also related to stimulating the release of testosterone from the testes. An increase in testosterone can change boost desire, as well as performance, amongst other health benefits.
Oxidative stress is a primary cause of a bevy of debilitating illnesses. Not only does it affect your sperm health, deteriorating it, it can also affect your sexual urge, strength, and performance.
That’s why Semenoll contains ingredients that are designed to protect your sperm from the effects of oxidative stress. These are powerful antioxidants that are helpful in many ways.
Semenoll has multiple ingredients that increase the flow of blood into the penile tissue. This enhances the quality of erections, as well as allows a man to sustain their erection for long enough without a dip in quality. In other words, Semenoll is helpful for all aspects of sex.
Semenoll contains seven ingredients in total. All are natural ingredients including herbs, amino acids & vitamins. Some of these we have already covered with our review of Performer 8. But a few are unique to this supplement.
Semenoll is a far superior male enhancement product as compared to Cianix, on all fronts. Here’s a summary for your easy understanding.
Highly recommended if you are looking to boost fertility along with improving your sex life. This is a well-rounded formula with positive reviews, a great customer support team, and an affordable price tag. Hard to beat that.
Don’t let all the hype in the male enhancement industry sway you into buying overpriced and ineffective products. Here’s a brief but effective checklist to quickly compare the product with, before you swipe that card.
Despite all the Cianix reviews that you read, it is clearly not an effective supplement at all. What’s worse is that there seem to be complaints about shady business practices.
Instead, Perfomer8 & Semenoll are worthy substitutes with proven benefits and a trusted reputation. Try these, if you seek an effective and safe solution.


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